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Our Services

Themed Worlds

Minecraft has been used by communities for years to bring together players from across the world.

Server Builds

Do you own a Minecraft server? Are you starting one up and in need of world-class builds?

Content Creation

We support video and event creation by building worlds that players can experience and enjoy.

What We Do

Astrium is one of the few teams with a successful build and tech team. With over 300 satisfied customers and 2,000,000+ downloads. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and our players. Founded in early 2015, Astrium first grew as a build team and quickly became one of the top build teams still operating within Minecraft to this day.


We offer a variety of creative skills including 3D rendering, music composition, building, map development, programming, and server development.


With years of experience, Astrium only accepts the best of the best, maximum quality and client satisfaction is guaranteed with our services.


Part of offering the best experience for you is being able to supply a local experience, we have team members across multiple continents to work closely with you.